Pig & Goat Manners

Pigs and goats learn quickly and are easily trained

Pigs and goats are charming, intelligent, and affectionate companions and some people fail to realize the demands of keeping these farm animals as pets and can become overwhelmed by their needs. Know that pigs and goats are quite smart and curious, so it can be difficult to keep them entertained but Menoka is here to help!

  • An animal who listens to commands
  • An animal that trusts you
  • An animal who is confident
  • An animal who is not demanding
Read more about our professional farm animal training lesson options below!
Menoka training two pigs to sit and stay

Private Farm Animal Training Lessons

Ala Carte Farm Animal Manners 101


Menoka will teach you how to create a strong bond with your pig or goat and build your animal's confidence using positive reinforcement training. Pick up to three behaviors or commands and we focus on those. Learn manners, impulse control, and confidence building.

  • For example: Touch, sit, wait, watch me. Come / follow. Find it, the name game and manners around the food bowl, door access.
  • Customized for your animal and your needs.

Virtual Farm Animal Training Lesson


This remote lesson can be purchased for pig or goat training. Having trouble remembering what your trainer taught you? Menoka will record all your sessions. This way you can watch them again whenever you want, however you want! Menoka's virtual dog training lessons also include digital handouts and a phone call consultation. Ask any questions you may have! Virtual dog training is great for out-of-state residents or immunocompromised individuals.

In-Home Dog Training

Solve bad habits like barking, and jumping. Learn proper leash walking techniques and more. Great for new puppy owners! LEARN MORE >>>

Group Lessons

Learn basic commands, advanced manners, leash and trick training. Meets Sunday AM at Bark on Park Jacksonville. No availability as of Summer 2024 - Check back soon!

Pig & Goat Manners

Pigs are highly intelligent! Learn basic pig manners to channel natural behaviors into acceptable outlets. LEARN MORE >>>

Online Dog Training

Learn at your own pace! Menoka's flexible virtual dog training offers accessibility to anyone, anywhere.

Training Services

Menoka kissing a Chihuahua at the Jacksonville riverfront.

Promoting and teaching positive, force-free, dog training methods