Dog Obedience Class

Small group training classes

Menoka offers group training classes at Bark Boutique on Park Street in Jacksonville, FL. Group classes meet on Sunday for 1hr every 6 weeks. Guaranteed to pass!

  • Dog Manners Group Lessons
What will you learn in our group classes? See below.
Menoka at BARK on Park boutique in Jacksonville, Florida

Group Dog Training & Obedience Lessons

Group Dog Manners 101

Group classes are effective and easy, even for those new to dog training. The Group Dog Manners 101 Class is open to dogs of all ages, sizes and breed. Classes are held at Bark Boutique on Park Street in Jacksonville, FL. This group class meets on Sunday for 1 hour for 6 weeks. Classes available for both Spring and Fall. Maximum 6 dogs per class. You and your dog will learn:

  • Charge The Clicker
  • Touch
  • Sit / Wait / Watch Me
  • Touch To Recall
  • Name Game / Find It
  • Stand / Down
  • Spin / Circle Around
  • Back-up
  • High-Five
  • Leave It
  • Off / Jumping
  • Leave It
  • Leash Walking
  • Tricks
In-Home Dog Training

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Group Lessons

Learn basic commands, advanced manners, leash and trick training. Meets Sunday AM at Bark on Park Jacksonville. LEARN MORE >>>

Pig & Goat Manners

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Online Dog Training

Learn at your own pace! Menoka's flexible virtual dog training offers accessibility to anyone, anywhere.

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Menoka kissing a Chihuahua at the Jacksonville riverfront.

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