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Congrats on your new dog! But there's something you should know....
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Teenage Wasteland

Awe the adolescent phase. Every dog goes through it. It can vary in severity from barely noticeable to feeling like the dog fromMarley AND Mejust possessed your dog. Adolescence usually starts between 6 months and 1 year and lasts for a few months. Luckily it comes and goes. Your dog may be ornery for a week then return to your loving companion for a week then the orneriness returns and then disappears again. In the interest of full disclosure, ornery may be sugar coating it a bit. What you’re likely to experience is major attitude no different than a rebellious teenager.

Congrats on your new dog! But there's something you should know....

The Honeymoon Period: the honeymoon period is the timeframe from when you brought your dog home until he has adjusted to his new surroundings. It usually last from 2 weeks to 3 months. During this time your dog is basically being a wallflower. He is standing back and sizing up the joint. Adjusting to a new home can be a happy but often stressful time for a dog. It’s a lot to take in, new people, new home, and new rules. The dog isn’t quite sure what is expected from him so he stays on his best behavior.
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