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To Catch a Dog

This week I found a dog that had been lost for over a week from a local shelter. After getting a tip where she might be, I headed up there with treats in hand. She was spotted going into a heavily wooded area. So once I got there I called her name and threw treats into the woods. I threw some far enough back that she could feel safe getting them and then made a trail back out of the woods so she would hopefully follow it until she could be seen. I didn't know if she was in there but I relied on my gut which told me she could hear me calling her name.

Out with the old and in with the new

Unfortunately I still see choke chains on a regular basis. I do not look at these owners and judge them. I believe if they knew there was a more humane way to keep their dogs from pulling on leash they would happily use it. That being said, choke chains and pinch collars "are" inhumane. At the very least they causesevere discomfort and at most great pain to the dog.They can also damage the dog's throat and that damage can beirreparable. But there is good news! On the market today is a harness that trainers swear by.
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